(Quick) Getting started: NDS Programming

Since I had some trouble finding all the tools, here is a quick “Getting started” guide for programming on the NDS (in verie good Engels).

Tools you need

  • DevKitPro [ Download ]
  • Programmer’s Notepad [ Included in DevKitPro ]
  • NDS Emulator [ Download ]
  • Wingrit [ Download ]
  • FreeImage.dll [ Included in Wingrit ]

Just install DevKitPro (click on Windows installer), uncheck devkitPCC and devkitPSP during the installation. Your files will be installed to C:\devkitPro.

Next, create a folder called “<anything you like, but don’t use spaces>” in Documents (if you are using Windows XP, and the path is “C:\<etc.etc.\My Documents”, please create a folder (without spaces!) in “C:\”.

Extract the NDS emulater in a folder called “emulator” (or anything else you like), also extract Wingrit in a folder called “Wingrit”.

Copy FreeImage.dll (which you can find in “yourprojectfolder\Wingrit”) to “C:\devkitPro\devkitARM\bin” (else you will get a bunch of errors if you compile *.bmp or *.grit files, used in the “betweenLines” example).

Now you can launch Programmer’s Notepad (For n00bs: All Programs > devkitPro > Programmer’s Notepad) and you are ready to go!

Note: Don’t use spaces in project folders, your compiler won’t accept these and stop compiling!


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