C: pointerArrayExample

Working with structs….:

Having a struct you need a pointer: (for passing by reference etc)

(this is a picture of a dutch pointer 🙂


SOMESTRUCT* myExamplePtr;

myExamplePtr = &myExample;

myExamplePtr->someElement = 78;

but this working with real variable and pointer becomes a bit cumbersome, why not only use the pointer?

SOMESTRUCT* myExamplePtr;

myExamplePtr->someElement = 78;

well then you app crashes! CRASH!

when you don’t bother to declare the real variable, you have to use malloc instead, making memory available:

SOMESTRUCT* myExamplePtr;
myExamplePtr= (SOMESTRUCT*) malloc( sizeof(SOMESTRUCT) );
if( myExamplePtr!= NULL ) {
  myExamplePtr->someElement = 254;
But dont forget to free this pointer:
free( myExamplePtr);

So these two ways of using pointers are equivalent, the normal declaration taking care of "garbage collection" the malloc way, is doing this yourself.

An example "DevCPP_mallocTest" using this malloc in a pointerarray is in the folder with the other examples:


some basic  info about malloc:


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