Assignement references

Benchmarks for the final results…

Three examples of students of Homebrew

  1. Three on a row from Martine Kea (really absolute minimum, more is expected see remarks…)
  2. MineSweeper from Jos van Egmond
  3. Colorconversion app from Jos van Egmond

minesweeper nds game download

colorconversion nds game download

three on a row nds game download

The three on a row is very much a sketch and about the minimum of what is expected for the final result. A help page, a main menu page where we can restart the game, some sounds, that kind of things…

The colorconversion is an example of a usefull application. It is very nice to see the colors being updated, and this means the nds engine  is fast!

Minesweeper is a nice example of a game, using a lot of the media – features available. Of course the game is not new, but that is not the goal at the moment.


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