Ideas/Projects/Games for IEPRO

Hi all!

Here’s a place to for ideas/projects/games for IEPRO.
Tell all about what you want to do! I’ll start ūüėČ

I want to make a game for the NDS, Bomberman. Well, you all now the game Bomberman and I wanted to make my own version of the game. And so, I made a list. It is a basic list of what the game should contain and what functionalities it should offer.

Projectname: Bomberman
Projectleader: Sven van Winsen

Goal: Make an Bomberman-a-like game for the Nintendo DS


1.    Map to run around in and wall layout.

2.    Player to place bombs.

3.    Graphics.
3.1    Player
3.2    Map (Walls + Bricks)
3.3    Pick-ups
3.4    Menu

4.    Sounds.
4.1    Music.
4.2    Effects.

5.    Main Menu
5.1    Campaign
5.2    Single Game
5.2    MultiPlayer
5.3    Level Editor
5.4    Settings
5.4.1    General Settings        -sounds/music/
5.4.2    Single Player Settings        -Easy AI/Medium AI/Hard AI/Godlike/Bomb Bouncer/
5.4.3    Multi Player Settings        -Map Graphics/Wall Layout

It would be great if the multiplayer eventualy would implement a with wifi connection. But I dont see this happening in the near future.

So far I made some drawings of how want it to look like, but that’s not what this blog is about.

Bye and Good Luck!


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