Game reaches gold-status

A few weeks ago I had no knowledge of C or NDS programming and now I’ve finished my first game.

Game concept
The idea for this game comes from an old game of which I can’t remember the name. I played this game a lot when I was about 8 years old. And now I had to make a game my self. So I took the main concept from this old game and changed it a bit.

The idea is you have to collect points, and make your way through rooms by moving boxes.

Room number oneRoom six

I had no experience with C or programming without OO, so it took some time getting used to C.

I started building a lot of things I’m used from Java, like the panels, the draw functions and the actionlisteners, but after some time it got either to big to understand or the NDS emulator couldn’t handle it. But most of it did work and I learned a lot from it.

About two weeks ago I made a clean start and only made the things needed for my game. I made the map I was going to use in Numbers, made the images and made sure I could draw them on the screen, I made the structure for the data, and made the functions to listen to the buttons.

After this it took a few hours of programming and debugging, and after that I only needed to add some extra’s like the game-over screen and the sounds, but the main concept was working.

The game is now complete. Most of my ideas are in it and I can’t find anymore bugs. Comments are welcome, and here’s the game with source files: download

I had no experience with C, so I had some problems getting used to this way of programming. Especially in the beginning when I made it to complicated.

I had some problems with pointers to typedef structs, but in the final game I haven’t used pointers or typedef structs. I also had problems with the sounds but this was because I used the wrong makefile.

Overall I’ve learned a lot, but for my next game I’d prefer a OO-language and I’d propably choose a different platform.


One Response to Game reaches gold-status

  1. contrechoc says:

    The second WOW!
    Another great first nds game. Nice use of screens, also coming and going from one room to the other is smart: it gives you an idea of bigger space than just the small screen. Neat Help and Map functions. Navigating with the 4-folded big left button is very nds too.
    And this is just a compliment: I found some bugs 🙂 in the first room just near the top left gold you can sort of leave the room for one square, you get the gold sound too. And sometimes the little man is shown on the upper screen if the map is not already on…
    In this game I didn’t confirm my IQ because i didn’t succeed in collecting all the gold…

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