Minor UPDATE Single Pipe Builder


Playing my (first) NDS game “Single Pipe Builder” on a real NDS works flawlessly. However, placing the ‘key rock’ can be difficult for most people (right handed). With this update you can use the shoulder buttons! Also, the filename now corresponds tot the name of the game.

The update is backwards compatible: the ‘A’ button still works.

Have fun!

Download singlePipeBuilder.zip


First post, findings, end result!


Hello, my name is Herman van der Meulen.

Started with no C and NDS knowledge a few weeks ago, I have now built a simple game!

I will try to write the events in this one post in chronological order:

Learning C

Installing (on Mac OS X)

Game concept



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Bitmap rotation2


In the post Bitmap rotation1 we saw a bitmap rotating but till leaking at the corners. This meant that the background was still not covered totally. Fooling around with the boundaries did the trick:

in the drawRotatedBitMap method: we have a double loop

for(  y = miny  ; y <  maxy ; y++ )
for(  x = minx  ; x <  maxx  ; x++ )

//drawing from destination to source


I added the small idea of looking if the pixel to be drawn was in the rectangle of the bitmap or not (using two triangle methods), if not, draw the pixel from the background (using the hidden background layer).

This left the corners not drawn and this amounted to leaking:

This leaking was removed later during the rotation … but still not good!

So fiddling a bit with the limits solved the problem:

for(  y = miny – 1  ; y <=  maxy + 1  ; y++ )
for(  x = minx – 1  ; x <=  maxx + 1  ; x++ )

No the image rotates without leaving pixels:

the nds movie can be found here:
not leaking rotation, nds file

source files:
not leaking rotation, zip file

Assignement references


Benchmarks for the final results…

Three examples of students of Homebrew

  1. Three on a row from Martine Kea (really absolute minimum, more is expected see remarks…)
  2. MineSweeper from Jos van Egmond
  3. Colorconversion app from Jos van Egmond

minesweeper nds game download

colorconversion nds game download

three on a row nds game download

The three on a row is very much a sketch and about the minimum of what is expected for the final result. A help page, a main menu page where we can restart the game, some sounds, that kind of things…

The colorconversion is an example of a usefull application. It is very nice to see the colors being updated, and this means the nds engine  is fast!

Minesweeper is a nice example of a game, using a lot of the media – features available. Of course the game is not new, but that is not the goal at the moment.