Sound Issues MP3 to …


Converting a mp3 to a .mod/.xm/.sm file is NOT possible!!

This is something I ran into while trying to find out how to do this. It seems that any of these files are different from MP3-files.

They are more like MIDI-files. This means the sound is ‘made’ instead of ‘played’. For example a MP3 is compressed sound, where the others are soundtracks and instruments.

Here is better info, and a place to find modules(.mod).

A way around this is to convert your mp3 to a .wav-file. However this is not a solution for me, but it could be for you.


Sound on the nds


Before the last update, devkitpro release 27, we had to do sound using SOX in tht terminal window.

Now we use maxmod, (api: )

Basically having the right setup you can use .wav files.

Auke asked me where the soundbank.h file could be found. Well this file is generated by the MAKEFILE itself:

there is a special line for this in the MAKEFILE:

# rule to build soundbank from music files
soundbank.bin : $(AUDIOFILES)
@mmutil $^ -d -osoundbank.bin -hsoundbank.h

and you can find the soundbank.h in the build folder, after buidling (make command in Programmer’s NotePad)

Also the header file for the .wav files are generated by the MAKEFILE.

export AUDIOFILES    :=    $(foreach dir,$(notdir $(wildcard $(MUSIC)/*.*)),$(CURDIR)/$(MUSIC)/$(dir))

and the folder where to find the sound data:

MUSIC       :=  maxmod_data

The interplay between header files of media (image and sound) and the MAKEFILE is something you have to get used to. Using the MAKEFILE template everything is taken care of in principle.

All is explained excellently on this page: