Minor UPDATE Single Pipe Builder


Playing my (first) NDS game “Single Pipe Builder” on a real NDS works flawlessly. However, placing the ‘key rock’ can be difficult for most people (right handed). With this update you can use the shoulder buttons! Also, the filename now corresponds tot the name of the game.

The update is backwards compatible: the ‘A’ button still works.

Have fun!

Download singlePipeBuilder.zip


First post, findings, end result!


Hello, my name is Herman van der Meulen.

´╗┐´╗┐Started with no C and NDS knowledge a few weeks ago, I have now built a simple game!

I will try to write the events in this one post in chronological order:

Learning C

Installing (on Mac OS X)

Game concept



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New on Iepro: Leo


Hey der,

ijm nieuw on dis blog joe no wat ij mien?

So I’m one of the students that’s following Iepro, Leo:


My first plan is to learn a lot more about programming for the nds, and one of the first things I want to produce is a movable button, that is build from an object/image/something.

Today I allready successfully compiled a working example, so I have to learn a lot!